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Posted by Pamela Porter on October 29, 2013 at 11:15 AM

My life has never been EASY but it has always been BLESSED.  Sometimes I have myself a pity party.  I think "OH, Woe is ME,  life ain't fair, when is all this going to end",  but all I have to do is remember how many times my true and faithful GOD has met my every need.  I learned during those hard times as a single mom that my life was never as bad as I thought it to be,  I learned that from my little girl.  I learned the hard way that children have no fear of sharing.  Childlike faith can move the world. Just so we could do things together and her life would seem normal I would schedule our time out to get things we needed one item at a time so we could extend our day.  I guess we looked like shop lifters buying 1 thing, going out and sitting down on the bench at Wal-mart.  The carosel sat by the benches and it was great for my little girl,  every body kept giving her change to ride., then going back in for something else.  My little girl and I use to go to "Burger King" her favorite place in all the world to eat.  I didn't have money for both of us to eat  but she didn't know it.  I knew she wouldn't eat all her food and we always ate in so that we could refill our drink.  My little girl saw a man sitting on the curb at Burger King.  We had been waiting for lunch and of course I only had enough for us.  But that didn't stop my little girl from insisting that she would go without lunch because she was going to give him food.  She was very young but very wise for her age.  She never gave money but she had us go in and order him the meal.  I fussed a little because I knew she had to be hungry,  but she kept insiting.  We bought that food and she walked it over to him and he looked at her puzzled.  She said "It's lunch time, don't you want to eat?'  He had a look in his eyes and he said "God Bless you little girl, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me".  She walked away smiling and he smiled back.  I on the other hand felt "Ashamed".   When we got back into the car  I had $2.75 in the ashtray to buy gas to get home.  I took it out and said let's go get our food...we'll have enough gas to get home.  She said we don't need to Mommy,  let's just get our gas and go home.  We drove to Racetrac for our gas.  As I got out of the car I looked around for her and she was no where o be seen.  I yelled "where are you" and she raised up from the other side of the car and said "Right here."  She came around the car to meet me and said "Look Mommy,  I found a dollar".  I said see, honey God rewarded you for feeding that man,  you can get you something inside.  It was all wadded up in her hand.  When we went in to pay for our gas she had whatever it was she wasbuying and gave her money to the cashier.  I was reaching into my pocket for the change to finish paying for it,  when the clerk statred giving her change.  I said "wait a minute, she only gave you a dollar and I have to give you the change".  she explained to me that it was a $10.00 bill.  I said "No, it wasn't she found it outside and it was a dollar."  She got the bill laying on her drawer all wadded up and crinckled and said "see,  it's a ten".  The voice of my little girl replied " See Mommy,  God didn't want us to be hungry,  now we can go get lunch".  The clerk laughed and I cried (of course).  That's "UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS" for kindness showed to others.

Sometimes I need to be reminded:


I said " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, my house is falling down ." God said, "Perhaps you'd like to trade it for cold nights upon the ground."

I said, " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, my clothes are old and worn" . God said. "Would you prefer the rags of a Beggar, his clothes are tattered and torn."

I said " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, I have so little food to eat " God said " My child, there are those who would beg for the scraps that fall beneath your feet."

I said, "OH Lord, I have forgotten just how much my life is blessed " God said, "Child, there are always others who have so much far less."


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