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Posted by Pamela Porter on October 30, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (1)


I could never have imagined that life would change so drastically for me that I would one day leave the peaceful place I called home for so many years. But I became a wife and MOTHER and made the decision to leave that familiar place for a world unknown to me. I moved with my husband and little girl to a place where you never know the changing of the seasons, the grass is not a lush green, and there are no mountains to run. The hills behind my little country home was a place of escape for me. I could go there as a young girl and imagine that I ruled over my own KINGDOM. I could take my dolly with me and I was a mommy having picnics with fried chicken and potato salad. I didn't think about tea parties...I wanted real food. Sometimes I would pretend I was a settler in a new world and Mama would wrap my food up in a crisp, clean towel and give it to me as if I was living in the days before " Baggies" and brown paper bags. Often as I got older I would climb to that mountain and talk to God about things no one else would ever understand. The hills of home call me in my mind from time to time, and I am saddened that I may never see them again. The old home place has been sold and I'm sure that my peaceful place has grown up with weeds by now. But in my mind there are no weeds because these feet beat a path there every chance I get, and of course things are just the way they use to be, when I was queen of the MOUNTAIN. The hills of home will always be a special place for me, and I will go there in my mind... EVERY chance I get.

Where was your favorite spot as a child?  What did you enjoy doing there?


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My life has never been EASY but it has always been BLESSED.  Sometimes I have myself a pity party.  I think "OH, Woe is ME,  life ain't fair, when is all this going to end",  but all I have to do is remember how many times my true and faithful GOD has met my every need.  I learned during those hard times as a single mom that my life was never as bad as I thought it to be,  I learned that from my little girl.  I learned the hard way that children have no fear of sharing.  Childlike faith can move the world. Just so we could do things together and her life would seem normal I would schedule our time out to get things we needed one item at a time so we could extend our day.  I guess we looked like shop lifters buying 1 thing, going out and sitting down on the bench at Wal-mart.  The carosel sat by the benches and it was great for my little girl,  every body kept giving her change to ride., then going back in for something else.  My little girl and I use to go to "Burger King" her favorite place in all the world to eat.  I didn't have money for both of us to eat  but she didn't know it.  I knew she wouldn't eat all her food and we always ate in so that we could refill our drink.  My little girl saw a man sitting on the curb at Burger King.  We had been waiting for lunch and of course I only had enough for us.  But that didn't stop my little girl from insisting that she would go without lunch because she was going to give him food.  She was very young but very wise for her age.  She never gave money but she had us go in and order him the meal.  I fussed a little because I knew she had to be hungry,  but she kept insiting.  We bought that food and she walked it over to him and he looked at her puzzled.  She said "It's lunch time, don't you want to eat?'  He had a look in his eyes and he said "God Bless you little girl, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me".  She walked away smiling and he smiled back.  I on the other hand felt "Ashamed".   When we got back into the car  I had $2.75 in the ashtray to buy gas to get home.  I took it out and said let's go get our food...we'll have enough gas to get home.  She said we don't need to Mommy,  let's just get our gas and go home.  We drove to Racetrac for our gas.  As I got out of the car I looked around for her and she was no where o be seen.  I yelled "where are you" and she raised up from the other side of the car and said "Right here."  She came around the car to meet me and said "Look Mommy,  I found a dollar".  I said see, honey God rewarded you for feeding that man,  you can get you something inside.  It was all wadded up in her hand.  When we went in to pay for our gas she had whatever it was she wasbuying and gave her money to the cashier.  I was reaching into my pocket for the change to finish paying for it,  when the clerk statred giving her change.  I said "wait a minute, she only gave you a dollar and I have to give you the change".  she explained to me that it was a $10.00 bill.  I said "No, it wasn't she found it outside and it was a dollar."  She got the bill laying on her drawer all wadded up and crinckled and said "see,  it's a ten".  The voice of my little girl replied " See Mommy,  God didn't want us to be hungry,  now we can go get lunch".  The clerk laughed and I cried (of course).  That's "UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS" for kindness showed to others.

Sometimes I need to be reminded:


I said " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, my house is falling down ." God said, "Perhaps you'd like to trade it for cold nights upon the ground."

I said, " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, my clothes are old and worn" . God said. "Would you prefer the rags of a Beggar, his clothes are tattered and torn."

I said " I have NOTHING to be thankful for, I have so little food to eat " God said " My child, there are those who would beg for the scraps that fall beneath your feet."

I said, "OH Lord, I have forgotten just how much my life is blessed " God said, "Child, there are always others who have so much far less."


Please Share something that you remember about someone being kind to you by posting an entry.


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As the Holidays approach us I am reminded of life as a single mom.  Growing up in the country I learned that people were proud.  I learned that even in times of trouble those people would not ask for anyone to meet their needs.  When I moved to Florida,  my family never knew of the struggles I faced. 

My first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a single mom broke my heart in two.  I felt like a failure,  I felt that I had let my little girl down, and  I felt as though my world was crashing down around me. 

We lived from paycheck to paycheck  and barely met our needs,  now here it was the Holidays and I cried that I had no idea how I was going to make this memorable for my   little girl.  I knew that her dad's side of the family would see to it that she had a good Christmas so I told myself that it didn't matter that I couldn't do anything...but still as a mom it saddened me.  I never let anyone know when we were in trouble.  Being a single mom and knowing how quickly my little girl could be taken from me in a crisis and pu twith her family kept me always praying that God would guide and direct me.

Just a few weeks before Thanksgiving I lost my electricity.  I lived in a trailer park  and knew how people talked.  I was terrified...but God gave me an answer.  My daughter loved books.  We loved the Little House on the prairre show.  I had every book at that time.  When she would come home home from school we would talk and play games in the middle of the floor.  Just as it began to get dark I would light candles.  I told her we were going to read our "Little House" stories.  She would say "Is this how they lived"?  and I would reply "Yes,  they read by an old oil lamp but since we don't have one we are using candles".  She never questioned me.  When we finished reading we would have fruit cocktail for a bedtime snack.   Within a few days she had all the kids coming in to hear me read by candle light, (Thank the good Lord above that none of them needed to go to the bathroom).  It would take my whole paycheck that Friday to turn my electricity on but that was a neccessity. At night I would go through my mind wondering how I would provide Thanksgiving dinner.  I had decided that I would send her early to her father's house so I wouldn't have to cook. 

I didn't ask for anything from anyone,  but caring angels showed up at my door two days before Thanksgiving and there was a turkey and all the trimmings.  But the kindness did not stop there...they had brought enough groceries that I didn't have to buy groceries for such a long time.  I caught up on past bills and was back to square one again and now Christmas was just around the corner.  I had saved back enough food hidden under my sink to have Christmas dinner,  all I had to plan on getting was  milk, butter, potatoes,  and a pack of ham. 

Christmas eve I went out to buy a Christmas tree.  One of the greatsest thrift stores in the area was called Life Changing Ministry in Leesburg Fl.  They had one tree left and I asked about it.  $3.00 she said,  I said "I'll  take it.  She asked if I had decorations and I said "No,  but I'm going over there to look for some."  She said,  "It's so close to Christmas that you can have any or all that's over there for .50 cents a bag.  I brought 2 bags of ornaments up to the counter.  She picked up a bag from under the counter and said walk with me.  She filled that bag up with garland and tinsel and a skirt for the tree,  and two ornaments with dates on them several years old.  She carried them to the front and sent them out the door with me saying "You have made my Christmas...I was hoping we could get rid of that stuff."  I stood amazed.  I was reminded that God has GOOD people out there in this world.  We see so much bitterness, and greed, and hatefullness,  that we fail to believe that any one good still exists.

I had one chore left to do.  I had to find a gift for my littl girl. I walked the isles of K-mart, up and down each one picking up and putting down -trying to find something special. Finally I decided on a gift set with a purple metal carrying box and 32 pieces of make-up for little girls.  $ 8.97 I had $10.00.  I took that gift set home and I wrapped every single item in there with pretty paper and layed it beneath the tree that God had BLESSED us with.  Late in the evening a knock came at my door.  There stood angels with boxes full of wrapped toys for my little girl,  and inside the box there I found a gift certificate to Publix for $25.00. As my little girl lay sleeping peacefully in her bed,  I had been shedding tears about a time that was suppose to be most JOYFUL, but to me was the saddest time of my life.  Now all I could do was cry ( I do that a lot,  when my heart is touched) and say "Dear God,  Thank you for meeting our evey need and for throwing in "Special Blessings" when we don't even ask."

 Have you ever received more than you asked God for.  let us hear your story.  Post an entry please we would love to read it.