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Poetry has always been how God has blessed my life.  I began writing when I was 6 years old.  I wrote a table grace that I used  everytime my Daddy asked me to say the blessing.  As I grew I often spoke to God when no one else was there for me.  I learned from Daddy about personal talks with God.  He told me that his greatest love was walking in the hills where he could talk to God in quiet.  He would sometimes go down to the Guyandotte river and sit on it's banks and fish.  It was his way of being alone with God,  and yes he often came home with fish to fry. My Daddy had an astounding Love for God. He taught me all about him before he went to be with the Lord.  I was 10 years old- he was seventy.  He was my world but he lived everyday for the day he would go to be with God in Heaven.  He described Heaven to me and I could almost see it.  I could feel at times the calm breeze blowing by the river of life, as Daddy

In the years to come the faith and love that my Daddy taught me would be my stronghold.  I was in church from the time I came to live with them at the age of 15 months old , and I served God for the next 25 years,  but life took a toll on me and I felt like there had to be more to life than what I had known.  I ventured out on my own and one day realized what a mess I had made of my life and knew it was time to go back to the roots of life in that Christian home.  I stopped and asked God to forgive me and to walk with me on a new road and he has been with me all the way.  The path of life for me has not been easy...but in the trials and hardships of life I knew I would never walk alone.

I often went walking on the hillside of my WVA home when I was a child and later  on in my teenage years that mountain would become where Iwould meet my BEST FRIEND and cry  when life got too hard to handle.  I was lonely and I found Peace when I talked with God.  At the age of  15 I walked upon that hillside and during what seemed like the worst time of my life I cried out to God and here is what he told me.

                                                   YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE

I went walking one day up a long lonely hill,  where as a child I use to play, and tears filled my eyes as I remembered all the years that had drifted away.

As I stopped to dry the tears flowing so free,  I saw a man with tears in his eyes looking at me.  He asked " Why do you cry child, why is your heart so blue?  Does not your Heavenly Father see your past and control your future too?  So cry not for things you cannot change day after day,  but rather look back and grow from the mistakes you have made."

I could see the tears in his eyes and as one touched the ground below,  he watered the earth with tears of Love, and a Rose began to grow.  The most beautiful Rose I had ever seen,  with petals of crimson red,  was sent as a gentle reminder to me of all the tears  he had shed.

He said "My child , dry your tears  for do  you not see that each tear that falls is a part of me,  I know what it is to suffer my child...I've shed many tears of my own..But it's because of all those tears I shed...that YOU will never walk alone.

                                       P. P.




As the seasons come and go my mind races back through time,  I feel compelled to dream again of the life I left behind.  The childhood friends I use to know, the hills and valleys too, call me now to think of them and bring them into view.  It's as clear to me right now as in the years before,  I can walk upon my front porch and see my Mama at the door.  I can hear her voice calling me," it's time to come in from play"  and when the evening sun had set , we'd kneel by my bed to pray. 

 Come morning as the sun rose to greet us once again, I'd rush out the door to meet the world and all my many friends. Now I wonder where they are and what their life now holds,  I wonder if they think of me,  their friendship was more than gold.  I wonder if they dream of home where they use to play, and if they remember too just how we spent our day.  Do they have fond memories of the life we shared, after all the years that's passed do they know how much I cared.

It all seems so real to me and sometimes it causes me to cry,  just thinking how my life has changed and how quickly it is passing by.  Time is a cruel reminder that nothing stays the same for very long,  that's why I cherish memories before they are all gone.  Like the seasons God has given everything must change from day to day, but now I hold on tighter to the memories that I just  can't give away.