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Welcome to "Full Circle Ministry" webstore. The items found here are available to help support this ministry.  All proceeds go into the making of my DVD's and items offered here.  Out of every sale money is set aside to help others throughout the year meet needs for food, clothing, utility bills, and emergencies.  Ms. Ruth is my stronghold.  She is also the one with the GPS who gets us there.  If it's a utility bill she'll find where to pay it, if it's Groceries she'll coupon it, if she hears of a need she'll share it.  Ms. Louann is my prayer warrior.  Before I delve into any new project she'll pray for me and then she'll help where ever she is needed. Ms. Amanda  keeps it real.  She's the one to turn to when it comes to purchasing anything for children and teens.  If anyone can find a bargain she'll find it and it will look GOOD. That's the team of friends who are willing to donate their time to make the lives of others better.  God Bless them All.


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