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If you enjoy sneaking a "Peek" into someone's it here without shame. I have chosen to show God's Amazing Grace in the life of a "NOBODY".  Think God does not have a purpose for you....think again.  You will touch someone's life on this journey from here to eternity. You may be the sweetest person in the world  and you will leave your prints upon someone else's life.  You may be a sorry, proud, hateful excuse for a person...but you will touch the life of another.  You will create a memory...good or bad. If you know someone will think of you in years to come...wouldn't you like to have someone be thankful to have met you.  I am so thankful for those who have crossed my path and have been kind.  I pray for those who have crossed my path and worked evil...they are a miserable person.  Without GRACE my life would be impossible to live and find Joy.

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