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Here is a place where you will always find...strength for every day living...and PEACE for your mind.

Our address is 1 on 1 PEACEFUL LANE

Our motto is:  The only difference between a Stranger and a Friend is one "HELLO".  

WELCOME to my "Virtual Front Porch"

Pull up a chair and sit a spell and I will spin you a country tale. Prop up your feet and spend the day,  and we'll laugh and talk the hours away.


I have seen a lot of changes in my life and I hope that you will discover that the things we thought would kill us only serve to make us stronger. Life is never EASY but  life is always worth living. Someone has been where you are,     and if they haven’t one day they may will be. So know for sure that God has a plan. Sometimes it is US who change the game plan...because we think we have ALL the answers. Now I know that I know very little about life. What I do know is that everyone has a purpose. It may take us years to discover just what part we play in the plan for our life, but stick around long enough to see where your life takes you. You might be surprised.

Please come and sit with me for a while and we'll talk about life, love, relationships, children, dogs ,cats, or  anything else that comes to mind.
Growing up in West Virginia I learned a great deal from my front porch. It is where Mama and Daddy taught me all about God. I learned how to read the bible before I knew my ABC's. When family came to visit you can bet we met and talked away the hours on that front porch.
When I became a mom I sat with my little girl on cold winter days wrapped up in a blanket sharing stories of my past while sipping on hot chocolate. Those days are just memories now that my little girl is all grown up. She's too busy to sit on the front porch with Mama much anymore,  she's too busy chasing a little boy of her own,  but from time to time she graces me with her presence, and I am proud.
So if you have nothing better to do come and sit a spell on our virtual "Front Porch" and we'll talk a while.


Growing up in West Virginia almost every house had a front porch.  You can bet that if someone was sitting on theirs you would hear someone calling "Come on up and sit a spell".  People worked for a living back then,  but somehow they always seemed to know that it is just as important to spend time with family and friends.  I have spent many hours visiting on the front porch of all my neighbors,  and I miss sitting on the front porch of the old homeplace,  but those are memories that I have made that no one can take away.

I can remember the view from the front porch of my West Virginia home. That front porch would come to be a very special place for me, for many reasons.

In the springtime we would sit and watch the robins building their nests to bring forth their young. In the summertime we would sit and drink lemonade to cool off from the heat of the day.

In the fall of the year we would sit and watch the changing of the leaves on the trees.

In the wintertime(My favorite time of the year) we would sit and watch as the great hand of God created beautiful snowflakes. Each one was a unique display of his awesome power. No two snowflakes were ever alike. Daddy used to say that we are like snowflakes each one of us is different, But beautiful in our own way. Daddy also used to say that snow was God’s way of covering us with a pure white blanket of love. Daddy taught me how to make snow angels, and showed me how to lay down in the floor by the window and look up to watch the snowflakes falling. Doing this makes you feel as though you are floating up to the sky.

That front porch was important to me for many other reasons as well.

It was where families grew together. It was where children learned right from wrong. It was where children learned respect for there parents, and their elders. It was where stories were shared about all those who had lived before us, and how we could learn from them. In my day and time you could look up to role models because no one wanted to bring shame upon another.

Here on this front porch we learned respect for life and were reminded just how precious it is, and it was here on the front porch that character was formed.

I have always loved a front porch. I used it often when I grew up and had a family of my own. On my front porch I sat with my little girl after her first day of kindergarten, and listened to the stories she told of her day. On my front porch I would sift through all the beautiful pictures that my little girl had drawn that would make their way to my refrigerator, each one was special and was a gift to mommy and each one was signed with love. On my front porch we shared hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day wrapped up in a blanket and watching the world pass by. It was a special place for my little girl and I to bond. Now she is a woman  and although I have still been blessed to have a front porch I find I am spending more and more days there alone. Now that she has a life of her own we do not spend nearly enough time on that front porch like we did in the years before, But every now and then she will surprise me and take a seat beside me and we’ll talk about her day. Every now and then she really surprises me and she will climb up into my lap and sit a while. That makes my day complete.




If I have learned anything from my front porch it is that life is always offering us wisdom.  We find it in the mistakes we make.  One day I decided to write down some of the important ones that I have learned on this journey called LIFE  and I'd like to share them so that you may avoid the pitfalls that I have lived along the way   I like to call them   The ABC'S of living.

 ALLOW for mistakes in life-everyone makes them.

    BELIEVE in yourself, because few others will believe in you.

   CHANGE what you can in life-leave the rest up to God.

    DARE to dream -without dreams life is pointless.

   ENJOY all the GOOD that life gives you, so you'll have happy memories

                 in the BAD times.

    FORGIVENESS is a precious gift that everyone wants to receive but 

                  no one wants to give.           

   GIVE GOD a place in your heart and he'll give you a place for all eternity.

   HAPPINESS found in material things will be short-lived. Happiness     

          found in family and friends will last a lifetime.

    I   Believe God is a LIFESTYLE not a RELIGION.

    JOY is what you get after all the bad has been squeezed out of life.

    KEEP your ears, and mind open and Your mouth shut, you'll learn more. 

     LIVING is never easy but always worth the EFFORT and the OUTCOME.

    MAKING friends in life , makes a DIFFERENCE in life.

    NO ONE has the right to speak my mind but everyone will try.

    ONLY one person's opinion of me counts....God's.

     PERPLEXING problems are solved by prayer.

    QUESTIONING ourselves about our purpose in life...helps us find one.

     RESIST the need to prove you're Right and Revel in the "secret"

                    that you are.

     SOMETIMES I feel like a nut...most of the time I am. It refreshes our soul.

     TRUST ME...Now I've learned those words make me Tremble.

     UNTIL you know God's love, you've known no love.

     VACATION now means 5 minutes of quiet time as opposed

                          to 5 days off work.

      WHATEVER you do in Life, affects another life.

      X-TRA-ORDINARY things happen in the lives of ordinary people.

      YELLING will never get as much attention as the silent treatment.

       ZEAL for living, comes from the small victories over our 'Big Battles".


Join me on my blog page.  It is a place where we can "Shoot the Breeze" for a while.  With the Holidays approaching and this being my all time favorite time of the year,  you can bet I will open up discussion for lots of MEMORIES.  Think of us sitting on a front porch somewhere,  with our feet propped up, and a hot drink in our hand (It's Fall already and there is a coolness in the air).  What would YOU like to talk about ?  Come's only fun when you share.